Our mission as volunteers and members of New Hope Dire Dawa Orphans Center is to provide a positive environment for orphans primarily affected by HIV/AIDS who are between the ages of 4-15.

The center provides food, shelter, medical care, and education until they graduate from High School.

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To provide shelter, education, and guidance for eastern Ethiopian children who have lost their parents.

New Hope Dire Dawa was established with a commitment to improve the lives of orphan children in eastern Ethiopia. New Hope Dire Dawa was established

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New Hope relies on volunteer work by many individuals, including program organizers, orphanage workers, and board members

he volunteers dedicate their time and energy to a cause they truly believe in. According to UNICEF, Ethiopia has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world.

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  • Status Update


    The  orphanage is now home to 17 children; 5 girls, 12 boys. The age range is 6-17 currently. The youngest girl, Helen, is making progress in language development. Her social growth is amazing. Idris, age 17, is now in private school. He is adapting to the new learning environment. Fatuma, is first in her class. Amiro is second. Bethlehem, the newest child, is third. Suleiman continues to be a wonderful advocate and role model for the children. He is a major local financial supporter and enjoys taking the children on excursions. Damon and Heidi Ramigalo continue to support the orphanage in many ways. Most recently, they purchased clothing for the children. Their compassion and involvement is an enormous influence in the lives of the kids.



    Census is 15; 5 girls and 10 boys. Overall, the children performed well and those who were struggling showed significant improvement. School resumes in September.

    All fifteen children have sponsors. The orphanage will accept additional younger children if they become available. Child Protective Services has tried to place older children but they are often problematic. It has proven best to receive young children.

    Board members contributed to sending a box of supplies, games, undergarments to the orphanage.

    After researching the expense of purchasing and operating a generator, it seems solar panels may be more cost-effective over time but is out of our price range for now. Dr. Barre is purchasing a generator to send in this year’s shipment.



    Current census is 15 children; 14 in school, 1 in preparation for next school year. Students are doing well in school.

    License has been renewed locally. Nutritionally stable meals are increasingly costly. Milk is quite expensive and not readily available. Powdered milk is used as a substitute. We are exploring the acquisition of two cows to provide milk for the children. The orphanage remains in need of a bus or van for transporting the kids. The purchase of generators has been delayed until shipping can be combined with another bulk shipment from US to Ethiopia.

  • New Hope Dire Dawa

    New Hope Dire Dawa (NHDD) is a non-profit organization set up in California to help at risk children – primarily, orphans who have been affected by war or diseases such as HIV/AIDS live the in eastern region of Ethiopia. The orphanage is located in the city of Dire Dawa .

Corporate Sponsors

Corporations of all types are encouraged to contribute to our orphanage. And with as little as $500 your organization can help a child through education, shelter, food and health services for an entire year.  More


Sponsor a Child

Reach out to orphans and other children whose lives have been devastated by the AIDS epidemic. Your gift will help meet urgent needs such as food, shelter, education, counseling, healthcare, and preparation for adulthood. More