New Hope Dire Dawa (NHDD) is a non-profit organization set up in California to help at risk children, primarily orphans in the eastern region of Ethiopia who have been affected by poverty and disease. The orphanage is located in the remote city of Dire Dawa. The founders of this organization are a couple who are naturalized US citizens of Ethiopian origin, Dr Abdul Barre’ and his wife Nejah Abdulsamed. In 2005, Dr. Barre and a group of supporters established the Board of Directors and construction began on the orphanage in 2009. The orphanage became operational in 2011 with twelve children.

Any caring human being would be moved to give a hand to a needy child anywhere in the world. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world with a huge number of children who are homeless, abandoned and destitute. The toll that extreme poverty, famine, and war  have taken in Ethiopia is staggering.

This organization is dedicated to providing help and hope for those in need. The goal is to take in and shelter children of either gender from ages 4 to 15. We need a sponsor, for each child, who can invest in the child $30 a month that will help cover the costs of meals, shelter, clothing, education, and over all care that would enable them to grow as a productive citizens of the world. The board members in Ethiopia and the ones in the United States are all volunteers who have dedicated their time and resources to achieve this goal. Administrative work is done by volunteers also.