To provide shelter, education, and guidance for eastern Ethiopian children who are unable to remain with their families.

New Hope Dire Dawa was established with a commitment to improve the lives of orphan children in eastern Ethiopia. From its inception in 2004, a partnership of dedicated health care professionals in the United States and Africa has worked to develop a children’s shelter in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. The orphanage is now completed, and we are happy to be hosting 15-20 children. The children were selected from areas around the city based on their level of need.

Ethiopia is situated between two politically unstable countries: Sudan and Somalia. A city of approximately 350,000, Dire Dawa is a relatively safe area that has experienced an influx of refugees. Many of them are children who have lost their parents through war or illness. The meager relief agencies, social services and few hospitals in the town are overwhelmed with demand for humanitarian assistance, which makes the orphan centre a valuable and appreciated resource.

Helping as many children as possible is the ultimate objective of New Hope. For now, we are using our donors’ support in an initial effort to provide sanctuary and relief to children whose lives have been shattered. With the help of our partners, we hope to possibly expand these efforts in the future.