These are the children residing at NHDD


These are our beautiful children with their beloved security officer.


This poem was written by Idris Ahmed, a 15 year old orphan who is from south western Ethiopia. Idris is a gifted young man who speaks several languages. This poem, titled Nile, has won a city-wide competition.

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While the Blue Nile flows down the cascade
Eroding my country’s soil
Benefiting the foreign while starving my country
This has been going on with the Nile for centuries
                My people are suffering while Nile is around
               Isn’t sad? I am disappointed at you
               Taking all the white and dark together
               Its’ been your thing to take the fertile soil
 While my people are suffering from drought and hunger
You’ve been sweeping with no thought all together
Egypt is growing by using you for Aswan Dam
Its’ been your thing to starve your source
              The people are fade up and united together
              The foundation is started to develop you now
              By our brave leader to confront Nile
              The Enemy of poverty looking for prosperity
              We band together to make Ethiopia proud
Nile also agrees to develop its’ country
We will forgive you as soon as you come back
We plead with you to help your country folk
For the renaissance Dam has started already.

                                    By Idris Ahmed